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With winter fast approaching, ask yourself: how is your outerwear game looking?
Fine? Got it covered with a windbreaker and a bomber or two? Suit yourself. Let us know how that goes in a month when the mercury has nose-dived, the branches are bare, and you’re having to sharpen your elbows just to grab the last decent coat. i got the chance to get my own coat that i recently recieved from one of the greatest brands NATIVE YOUTH  that worked with as i already posted 2 posts about theme in my blog ! i will not say of course the informations about this brand because i already did in the previous posts, so simply if you wanna read about it just search in my previous posts 
As you’ll likely have gathered by now, the overcoat is intended as an outer layer for wear during the colder months. Many people think it’s merely the final, winter-appropriate addition to a suit, but this essential has so much more potential.
For a casual look inspired by the skinheads, try a coat with a trim-fitting gingham shirt, rolled-up acid wash jeans, ribbed boot socks and a pair of chunky Dr. Martens. For something that’s refined but not formal, wear it over a slim-fit blazer, merino/mohair jumper, button-down white Oxford shirt and wool trousers, then finish with Derbies. i wore it here with a denim shirt, a beige chinos and a beautiful pair of boots from MeerminMallorca. For the accessories a Burberry sunglasses from SMARTBUYGLASSES and a watch From BLACKWATCH !

Have a nice weekend 

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