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12:04 PM

Rabat really is a gem, you just have to know where to look.This beautiful lake under the bridge for example is in Marina. If you’re in the wrong corner, you wanna do everything but take photos, but this lake is absolutely gorgeous. It becomes one of my favorite spots to go with a book and a cup of coffee to relax and enjoy the calm place far away from people ! 
In a day and age where it’s rare to find reputable & honest product production, Maverick&co diverges by focusing on craftsmanship and finite details.  When you hold their products you can tell they’re made to last with very fine leather and will become ‘collectors pierces’ to grow old with and pass down. Since i got this new beautiful backpack from theme and i'm using it to take every essentials accessories that i need in my day and i must say it is so helpful than the other bags with it's minimalist design.

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