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3:29 AM

It was a long weekend and fun weekend but I’m ready to get this week started. It’s going to be a busy one because i'm in the exam period and also trying to build my physique so i must make time for the gym also! But with my whole busy schedule I'm trying to make the most in blogging 🙂 Now let’s get into the post-

first let's talk about this look here that i love very much specialy when the weather is changing and this is what i love the most about trench coats it always protect, i choosed to style my new RANDOLPH sunglasses with this casual buisness look as i was going to a buisness meeting with a new brand in town so i grabbed a Sturbucks coffee to start my day .

Randolph Engineering has an incredibly rich history. Founded in 1972 by Polish immigrants Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski, they first produced eyewear as a subcontractor for the military in 1978, and shortly after were contacted by the Air Force to produce their aviators directly for them. The glasses are sturdy and tough, but feather light to wear. The lenses, which are glass, not only block harmful rays but also heat. Colors remain true to sight through them. They do have logos, but they are so small as to be nearly invisible. A simple "AO" on the arms, tiny, and a tiny "AO" printed on one lens is all. Bayonet style temples seal the deal for me, but the do come in standard style and also wrap around wire. Just like Randolphs.

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