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You guys know how finicky I am with wearing coats lately, as the cold weather arrives I find myself sporting more and more casual threads. When I found this burgundy coat at at Massimo Dutti  I was instantly enamored and hopeful that it would be comfortable during the colder days ahead. Fast forward a couple weeks and here I was styling it up in my apartment, ready to hit the  streets and let me tell you, I felt great. 
The purpose of making this blog post is to show you guys one of my favorite brands PICARD that i've been working with for years now and it's always an honor to show you their finest, luxurious and minimalist bags ! in this post i will talk about their new briefcase that i'm holding up in the photos . This PICARD briefcase made up with the best high quality leather its exterior has a slightly rugged, vintage feel, the inside of this  briefcase is definitely built for the modern man. Combining a padded pouch for a laptop, several pockets and additional space for documents, this stylish bag has every eventuality covered.
. I’m definitely coming to be more and more of a minimalist and this PICARD briefcase is the by-product of that.
All you dapper gents, make sure to check out their new products at https://www.picard-lederwaren.de

Briefcase by PICARD  | Shop here

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