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 It was a long weekend and fun weekend but I’m ready to get this week started. It’s going to be a busy one! I am spending the last couple days with university exams and going for meetings with brands  🙂 Now let’s get onto the post-

First I would like to mention that from here forward we’re going to put a lot of more effort into our blogposts. I don’t know about you guys but personally I’m starting to get bored of all of these “streetstyle” pictures so instead we’re going to have every blogpost be more of a story, with editorial editing, more close ups and scenery shots, overall just more moody.

Finally, let’s talk about the outfit. When I returned from the university and  I was pleasantly surprised at the weather, it’s like someone turned the sun on so it is really spring …FINALLY! What was a brisk 40 degrees is now 60 or even 70 degrees fahrenheit somedays! it’s crazy really. The trees are in bloom, the parks are packed to the brim and I’m over here sitting on my roof, smiling at the sun! I wanted to convey all of this through today’s quick post. I paired my new HOUSEOFCENMAR (  a London based, multi-faceted art and fashion brand, blurring the lines between street style and haute couture. Inspired by a touch of ancient, Arabian architecture and sweeping global cityscapes, we endeavour in depicting a unique artistic heritage by serving as a profound example of how stylistically extraordinary the East & West can be amalgamated. )  with a light trench  coat  with a beautiful dark blue pants and a classy loafers from NEXT  . It’s the perfect outfit for the in-between season because it’s dapper and city appropriate but ready for any kind of coolness or rain. would love to get your thoughts.

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