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Owning a bike gave me a sense of freedom. Freedom to go anywhere, anytime. There is such a rush when commuting inside the city. Maybe it’s the air hitting your face as you zip past taxi after taxi, or maybe it’s the simple fact that you’re on your own schedule! No trains to wait on, no drivers to deal with, it’s just you and the road. I also love to wake up early for a morning ride, when I always have the opportunity to watch the sunrise from the top of NAKHIL Avenue.

As for the threads, I teamed up with BRAMBANI watches to showcase this beautiful watch that I'm wearing.
What I love about this beautiful watch is the simple design and the high quality. The name Brambani comes from the name of an alpine valley called Val Brembama. It is typical of Germasino, a very small beautiful village near Como, in northern Lombardy in Italy.

To style the watch i went with different colors this time-- basically just orange and red in the top, a floral light blazer for the spring weather, and under it a simple red wine t-shirt and orange chinos pants from SPRINGFIELD. I went with simple white sneakers and I never forget the sunnies! This pair that I'm wearing is from my friends at JFSUNWEAR. I'll talk more about them in the next post! 

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