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I’ve long searched for an everyday carry option to transport documents to and from the office.
Slim messenger bags excel in keeping your everyday carry items to a minimum while transporting a 13-inch (or larger) notebook, but they aren’t particularly good at keeping documents organized or looking pristine.
I will never be caught wearing a backpack with a sport or suit jacket – no self-respecting gentleman in a suit would ever carry a backpack to work (my opinion) and I don’t want to ruin the shoulders on my suit and sport jackets with the backpack’s straps.
Bellroy’s Work Folio A5 fits perfectly into this category, and even offers as a way to converge the analog aspects of our lives with the digital aspects of our lives. I’ve been using the Work Folio A4 for the past month and it has become my everyday carry option, albeit with a couple caveats.
Also let's not forget how it makes your outfit more stylish as i wore it here with blue shoes, as straight forward and gorgeous as they come, taken to the next level with blue stripped blazer.  while the striped light blue shirt and the white denim pants work together to enliven the look a little bit.

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